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Supreme Court dismisses petition of Sankalp Association of DNB Doctors


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MD-DNB petition dismissed by SC

Supreme Court has dismissed the petition of the Sankalp Association of DNB Doctors. The petition was to provide MD-DNB candidates eligibility to teach in medical colleges throughout the country. This has been a major setback for the DNB students.


The MD team reported that their candidates have been at a disadvantage since the MCI amendment of 5th June 2017 where they changed the minimum qualifications required for teaching in medical institutions across the country. According to the new rules, for a DNB student from a non-MCI recognized institute to be eligible for the teaching position of an assistant professor, he/she will have to acquire a 3-year experience of junior residency and a 2-year experience of senior residency. This makes a total of 5 additional years they would have t wait to start a career in Medical academia.


The DNB candidates raised objections on the grounds of a high degree of discrimination. The DNB doctors of the Sankalp Association filed a petition with the SC. However, with the setback received from the apex court, the association can file a review a petition asking the court to reconsider.


According to the Medical Dialogues team, the Health Ministry had asked the MCI to change its TEQ regulations. The Ministry had specifically mentioned removing the 3 years of Junior Residency allowing the DNB along with the MD/MS to be eligible for various faculty posts.

The MCI referred it to the PG committee which recommended that the 3 years JR ship clause will be deleted but for the faculty post, the DNB candidates will have to undergo 3 years residency. They have yet to place the matter before the General Body of the Council of the MCI for finalization. However, the final calls lie with the government.


The DNB doctors will now be impending the National Commission Bill, where the DNB qualification has been made equivalent to MD/MS to ensure the availability of faculty in medical institutions across the country.
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