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NBE issues Medical Teachers Eligibility Certificate

Medical Teachers Eligibility Certificate being issued by NBE

Since the recent amendments to the Teachers Eligibility Qualifications (TEQ), the Diplomate National Board has been concentrating the attention on the rules that have come out. DNB makes it mandatory for 3 years of Junior residency and 2 years of Senior residentship at MCI recognized institutions to be eligible for medical academia.

National Board of Examination (NBE) has taken up the matter with the Health Ministry and the PMO. The Govt of India has asked the MCI to make changes in the TEQ regulations. It should remove 3 years of Junior Residency and specifically making a mention of DNB along with MD/MS in the academic qualification for various academic posts.

Although the response from the MCI is still awaited the NBE has begun to issue teachers eligibility certificates Medical Teachers Qualifications.

There is a copy of one such certificate available with Medical Dialogues team issued by NBE. The issuance of this document states that the NBE official along with government officials the 2012 notification is still the law. They hold that the notification 2017 has been issued only after accepting the criteria as 2012 notification when referring to DNB – MD equivalence for Academia.

According to Dr Abhijtath Sheth President NBE, – In the latest notification dates June 5, 2017 of the MCI amendment – pertaining to minimum qualification of teachers in Medical Institutions Amendments Regulations 2017, the DNB qualifications are not mentioned by the MCI. As per IMC act 1956, all the DNB qualifications are equivalent to MD/MS/DM/ and also as per the notification number MCI-12(2)/2010 Med Misc dated 11.06.2012 ( which mentions about the teaching eligibility for DNB degrees) so NBE is issuing Teacher Eligibility Certificates to DNB candidates.