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Why CBSE must do away with re-evaluation- probes Delhi HC

CBSE Class 12 Results


Why do away with re-evaluation, HC questions CBSE

“Why should you do away with re-evaluation?” This was the enquiry by the Delhi High Court on Wednesday to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) after CBSE finds out that answers sheets of students where correct answers to questions had been given zero marks. reports  The Hindu
Sanjeev Sachdeva and A. K. Chawla, the Bench of Justices asked the CBSE to explain these “apparent errors” in evaluation, which could put the student’s entire career at stake.
As claimed earlier by Sanjay Jain Additional Solicitor General representing CBSE that the revaluation was done away with because the number of errors in evaluation were very minor.
The CBSE has been asked by High court to file record governing body and examination committee’s motives behind the decision of doing away with revaluation. It also asked the CBSE to explain how zero marks were awarded to one of the students when the answer was correct as per the marking scheme.
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