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CBSE marks assessment system not flawed – claims CBSE

CBSE Results


Percentage of students who applied for re-evaluation were just 2.47 %


On Monday, CBSE put an end to all the accusations of the flawed assessment process. After the results were declared on 28th May 2017, there were reports that claimed that the number of verification requests by the students has increased accusing the board of the fault in the answer script evaluation.
In response to these reports claiming faults in the assessment process, CBSE issued a statement stating that the percentage of students who applied for re-evaluation were just 2.47 % of the total number of students, reports HT
Approximately 11,00,000 students gave the CBSE Class 12 exam this year. The total number of students that applied for verification was a small percentage of the total number of students who participated in the exam.
The CBSE statement said that every year the percentage has been nearly the same. For example, in 2014, 2015 and 2016 there were only 2.31, 2.09, and 2.53 percentage respectively, of students that wanted verification of their marks. There was not an increase in the number of re-evaluation requests as claimed by some of the news reports.
According to the data available, in more than 99.98 percent of cases, there has been no change in the marks after the verification process. So, in June 2016,  the board decided that it had done away with the whole verification process. This step was taken after the decision made by the Governing body and the Examination Committee of the CBSE.
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