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CBSE makes 25 % marks and SA mandatory for Class X students

From this session onwards the Class X students of under the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will have to secure a minimum of 25 per cent marks and appearing for Summative Assessments will be mandatory, in order to be promoted to the next class.

CBSE makes 25 % marks and SA mandatory for Class X students

The rule was introduced with the 2013 session for Class IX students because of which over 2,000 students of the standard are at present besieged to be promoted to the next class. Not only has the board of reversed the decision but also extended the decision to Class X. It is their belief that somewhere in the decision and due to the introduction of the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation system the importance of written exams has been lost.

The Summative Assessments take place twice a year, SA-1 in September and SA-2 at the end of the year.

With the existing rule the board required students to secure an overall D grade to get promoted to the next class. The securing of which was not very difficult as the student could easily secure it through mative assessments based on his co-curricular activities and projects.

There are many academicians who are happy with the decision as many believed that the no detention policy had made the students had resulted a casual approach of the students towards academics.

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